The Ugly Queen & Peter The Great

The Ugly Queen is a fairy tale of a queen who was ugly and unloved by all. It is a tale of the queen’s confrontation with the toughest and scariest challenges to overcome her personal handicap and winning the hearts of her people. It is an account of her journey and adventures to achieve her impossible goal. How does she achieve it? Peter the Great is a tale of courage, war and love. A tale of the confrontation of the good and the evil. A tale of two hearts meeting. Will Peter be successful?


 The True Friendship or Not?

Who is a  friend? A First, Relative in every difficulty and joy… Let us see… New novel explores the complexity of teenage interactions to study friendship and temptation Teenagers Cary, James and Ashley meet in school and become friends, but each of them soon discovers that the others want different things. For Cary and James, the divide is great: though Cary is just looking for a good friend, James is looking for something more, a romantic relationship with a girlfriend. As each of the three travel toward their own wants, the conflicts and temptations cross the gamut of teenage experience: friendship, love, ambition and even corruption. “Some people are your friends and some are only your acquaintances,” Gogna writes. “Moreover, there is a real difference in the two, best to know in which category they fall into.”

(e-book and Softcover). This book is available as Short Story and Novel.

ISBN :- 9781467882545 (Softcopy)  9781467882546 (Novel )

ISBN:- 9781467882552 (e-book)